My Teaching

I have taught a variety of undergraduate courses, including  research methods, communication theory, health communication, and communication and aging. I have also taught several undergraduate classes online, including organizational communication, conflict resolution and negotiation, and group communication. I recently completed my Foundations for Online Teaching Certificate, Instructional Practice Certificate, and The Learner and Learning Certificate, which serve to advance my online teaching and ability to teach to a diverse body of students.


Below you will find my teaching philosophy, my online teaching philosophy, my full CV, evidence of my teaching effectiveness (including student evaluations), and some select course information and syllabi. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



Research Methods

This course introduces undergraduate students to communication research methods from a variety of traditions (quantitative, qualitative, & rhetorical) and quantitative reasoning. It is my favorite course to teach! 

Health Communication

This course is designed to introduce students to the study and application of theoretical principles and practices to design health messages based on message, source, receiver, and delivery/modality characteristics

Communication and Aging

This course introduces students to the basic elements of physical aging, psychological aging, and social aging, as well as the role communication plays in each of these interdependent processes. Special attention is given to the significant decisions that older adults are confronted with in their family, friendship and their professional-health related relationships.

Organizational Communication

This is an online course taught through Penn State's World Campus. This course examines the function and structure of communication in both formal and informal situations and organizations.

Group Communication

This is an online course taught through Penn State's World Campus. This course represents one of three speech communication options required for all undergraduate students pursuing baccalaureate or associate degrees at Penn State. The course focuses on public speaking and communicating in groups.

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